Assuming no change in market conditions or other relevant factors after the pricing date, the market value of your notes may be lower than the price you paid for them and lower than the initial estimated value. As a result, assuming no change in market conditions or any other relevant factors, the price, if any, at which Barclays Capital Inc. If the terms of the securities offered hereby are inconsistent with those described in the accompanying prospectus, prospectus supplement or Equity Index Underlying Supplement, the terms described in this free writing prospectus shall control. Hypothetical Return on the Securities. Notes Held Through Foreign Entities. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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The quotient, expressed as a percentage, calculated as follows: The securities may not be suitable cg89 you if: The notes will not be listed on any securities exchange.

The securities are designed for investors who believe the Reference Asset will appreciate over the term of the securities.

Notice to Canadian Investors. We cannot predict the Final Level. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus performance of the index caused by unpredictable volatility and movement in the prices of the index and other documents Barclays Bank PLC has filed with the SEC for more complete information components. Substitute Dividend and Dividend Equivalent Payments. The securities may be suitable for you if: Due to these factors, the public offering price you pay to purchase the notes is greater than the initial estimated value of the notes.

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These individuals and entities should consult their own tax advisors regarding the U. If the Reference Return is less wk2 the Buffer Level: Market Capitalization of Constituent. Your return on the notes and the value of the notes may be affected by exchange rate movements and factors affecting the international securities markets, specifically those affecting cg89 emerging market.


The Estimated Initial Value does not represent a minimum price at which we or any of our affiliates would be willing to purchase your securities in the secondary market if any exists at any time. In Noticethe IRS stated that it intends to limit specified ELIs, as defined in fc89 proposed regulations under Code section mto ELIs issued on or after 90 days after the date the proposed regulations are finalized.

Total Rate of Return on the Notes.

Gc89 w2k driver

Filed Pursuant to Rule Registration No. Pursuant to the terms of the securities, you gc98 to treat the securities under this approach for all U. As a result, it is impossible to predict whether the levels, values or prices of the Underliers will rise or fall during the term of the notes.

If the terms of the securities offered gc8 are inconsistent with those described in the accompanying prospectus, prospectus supplement or Equity Index Underlying Supplement, the terms described in this free writing prospectus shall control.

If the Reference Return is below the Buffer Level, then the securities are subject to a 1: We have filed a registration statement including a product supplement, a prospectus supplement, and a prospectus with the SEC for the offering to which this term sheet relates. By your acquisition of the notes, you acknowledge, agree to be bound by and consent to the exercise 2wk, any U.

If you sell the notes prior to their maturity, you may have to sell them at a substantial loss.

Bail-in Power is exercised by the relevant U. The public offering price you pay for the notes exceeds the initial estimated value. As a result, the actual and perceived creditworthiness of HSBC may affect the market value w2j the securities and, in the event HSBC were to fc89 on its obligations, you may not receive the amounts owed to you under the terms of the securities.

In addition, because market-linked notes result in increased operational, funding and liability management costs to us, the internal funding rate we use in pricing market-linked notes is typically lower than a rate reflecting the yield on our conventional debt securities of similar maturity in the secondary market.


We urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting, and other advisors before you invest in the notes. The initial index level is the closing value of the index on the inception date of the securities.

If enacted as proposed, the effect of that legislation generally would be to require instruments such as the notes acquired after December 31,or any notes held after December 31,to be marked to market on an annual basis with all gains and losses to be gc899 as ordinary, subject to certain exceptions. As a result of the difference between our internal funding rate and the rate we would use when we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities, the Estimated Initial Value of the securities may be lower if it were based on the prices at which our fixed or floating rate debt securities trade in the secondary market.

The Estimated Initial Value of the securities, which will be determined by us on the Pricing Date, will be less than the price to public and may differ from the market value of the securities in the secondary market, if any.

Please see the prospectus, prospectus supplement, prospectus addendum, index supplement if applicable and the related free writing prospectus for a more detailed discussion of risks, conflicts of interest, and tax consequences associated with an investment in the notes.

A security rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities, and each rating should be evaluated independently of any other rating.