These are independently set using the MRX multi rate mixer, so that, for instance, you can have the adapter running at 96kHz, but be playing files of On one station we have a console where channels can be turned on and off remotely. Simian automation system questions I am buying a station that runs Simian 1. Simian automation system questions The short answer is yes you need the good sound card, remember that this is where most of the audio your listeners will hear comes from. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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Just one more High-Tech disappointment Simian automation system questions Yes–no need to run either Natural Log or Natural Music on the air computer; just network another computer into the air machine.

If you have not yet, you should contract a good broadcast engineer to help you retrofit aasi check out all the station systems.

Simian automation system questions

It is essentially a block diagram of the device showing the available physical inputs and outputs on the right hand side. The topology shows each Control as a small square icon.

Enable all 4 of the devices in the control panel and you should end up with 4 input options to choose from.


Clicking on this will show adapter-specific controls and properties on the right hand side. All times 521 GMT You can also connect these devices to a relay panel also made by Measurement Computing for various switching functions.


Cancel out of this dialog box and proceed to the software installation section of this datasheet. I would add additional asii of the same type if needed.

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Every day when you go into work, job 1 is “how am I going to put more business on the station today”. Go to original post. My computer guy says the soundblaster is fine.

The higher the Q, the more selective the filter is. Everything else is down the list.

Tosca Opdam & Asi Matathias

Save your money for those lean months. Make sure your computer is turned off. Since every other sound device with an ASIO driver seems to work fine with Audition, it’s very hard to say that it isn’t their fault, really. Adapters are listed in order of adapter index. Make sure the adapter jumper is set to adapter index 1, the factory default.

One will become painfully aware of this if any kind of serious programming is attempted using the built in sound card or some simple cheap card.


I’m not that familiar with SImian, but it may need some other method of accepting triggers. You mentioned that you plan to upgrade the computer–you will find most computers no longer have PCI slots, so plan on buying the ASI Users of driver version 3.

MME drivers are essentially legacy ones. For an AudioScience adapter from another installation, check that it is set to adapter index 1.

This content has been marked as final. Here’s a quote from the mail I received.

BSI AirStation Radio Automation System

By default, only bus 5121 i. It is installed by default. If you can afford it consider Nexgen or BE Audiovault or Enco as they offer real support opposed to partial support from Simian even if paid. If issues persist, please email support audioscience. Adapter information seen in right side of ASIControl. The bitstream contains samples of 24bit precision.