And is anyone prepared to bisect to find the commit that breaks the working setup? Comment 25 Tybion Fixed X11 crashing problem BadAlloc insufficient resources for operation. Dear all, We finally found a workaround: I have read the GitKernelBuild article.

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Compiz works much better, but still have lots of odd lines everywhere in Blender. I recommend sticking to the new driver and disabling Compiz to prevent freezes should be disabled in the latest Compiz updates.

[ubuntu] Are there any improvements on Intel G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller?

If I do the same but with the line ‘ Driver “vesa” ‘, of course it works the same as without xorg. Blender interface still not usable see https: Almost the same here: I have reported this bug using your link.

So that “someone” was talking out of their As well as the one in the eeepc? Nope, I can safely say that is a different issue. Huge improvement – playing videos in full screen doesnt cause badalloc anymore.


I’m still forced to use ubuntu X crash while vmware is open [drm: Description Tybion Comment 2 Tybion Continued constant high CPU, no noticeable improvements. Thanks a lot to the people in forum and the author!

I am guessing a binary trial-and-error process? Created attachment Log file for make -kpkg.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Intel® 82945G Express Chipset

The driver has to be 64bit because I have a 64bit system. Lower CPU utilization when browsing, much faster and more responsive. X defaults to vesa and not intel driver. Closing log Server terminated with error 2.

Bug # “IG don’t load” : Bugs : xorg-server package : Ubuntu

Comment 4 Tybion The next step is download the source for both of those into a single git tree which should be available from Ubuntu and recompile both checking that we can reproduce the issue when manually compiling the kernel package. The workaround to these freezes was to install “compiz fusion icon”, to check “indirect rendering” in its options, and to add it to startup applications. Videos are playable again, compiz is still slow, but not a lot compared to 2.


As a paying Dell Ubuntu customer I did not expect to waste such amount of time for different workarounds.

Despite the large number of patches that go into each release, due to the nature of bisection you will only need 82945g/hz 20 recompiles at most, so it is not quite as time consuming as it may first appear! Apart of that, no change even after reboot. Falling back to classic.

In comparison to jaunty’s intel driver, fps from glxgears I know it’s not a benchmark drop to about half the amount – anyway that’s not relevant for me. Playback in full screen is hopeless. Which is the latest kernel that does work 82945g/gzz the first that doesn’t? Can you please attach the dmesg for your boot in both cases? Comment 29 Tybion