Essay on population growth and development

essay on population growth and development

every family need to have proper family planning in manner to provide their kids complete nutritious food, proper shelter, best education and other important resources. It requires a quick and serious attention from all. It creates imbalance in city and shortage of resources. APA, mLA, chicago population growth. Presently this figure may have crossed 130 crore and in near future, it will surpass that of China China. Introduction At present situation the problem of overpopulation comes under the category of global crisis which is growing day by day and with each passing second.

Free Essay: Human population growth is becoming a huge issue in our world today. T he population is increasing rapidly. The reason that it is becoming. Free Essay: Population Growth Population Growth is becoming a huge issue. Of population growth on economic development have attracted the attention.

With the increase in population, number of vehicles and industries has increased significantly; badly affecting the quality of air. Over Population is definitely harmful for any country in many ways but it has some positive side too. Show more content, a large population may reduce productivity because of diminishing returns to more intensive use of land and other natural resources. Mostly people who are contributing for population growth are illiterate and living below of poverty line.

Government has to spend more to provide the basic things at the subsidized rate to cater to the massive population of below poverty line (BPL) consumers. The need for social infrastructure is also broadened and public expenditures must be absorbed in providing the need for a larger population rather than in providing directly productive assets. It will balance the system as manpower is required for the growth of country. Related Information: Essay on Population Essay on Family Planning in India Essay on World Population Day Speech on World Population Day Paragraph on Population. Sometimes they give birth to 3-4 girl children in the desire of single boy. Illiteracy is the Major Cause of over-Population. It creates lot of challenges as countries with high growth are suffering with poverty, more expenses, unemployment, lack of fresh water, food, education, depletion of resources etc as a consequence of population explosion, while countries with low population growth have lack of manpower, an increased. India is facing a big challenge as population growth. It also increases the corruption in the system which is Indias growing concern.

Essay on Population Growth and Economic Development Cram

essay on population growth and development

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