Gregory n cecil thesis

gregory n cecil thesis

wildebeest ( Connochaetes gnou ) meat as affected by ultimate pH Supervisor: Prof.C. Michael Woods 2015, phD, adina Bosch, rufina Chukwumalume, jarred Knapp. Hoffman Thesis link: Zandr Germishuys Thesis title: The occurrence of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli in South African game species Supervisor: Prof. Below is a list of PhD dissertations written by students at the Harvard Department of Mathematics.

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gregory n cecil thesis

Hoffman Thesis link: TBC Alretha van Heerden Thesis title: Profiling the meat quality of blue wildebeest ( Connochaetes taurinus ) Supervisor: Prof. The Jacobi interpolation series on the lemniscate of convergence 1934 Frederick Steen On a class of polynomials which minimize definite integrals 1934 Thomas Downs On the planer points of an analytic surface 1934 Nancy Cole The index form associated with an extremaloid 1934 Donald Ballou. Hoffman Thesis link: /handle/10019.1/97802 Liesel Laubscher Thesis title: Quantifying the effects of tranquilization in wildlife in order to compare the efficacy of different tranquilizers Supervisor: Prof.C. Gouws Thesis link: /handle/10019.1/98068 Pumi Shange Thesis title: The microbiology of game meat with reference to prevalent microbial growth found on carcasses in a commercial abattoir Supervisor: Prof.C. Leslie Co-Supervisor: Prof.C. Schwartz Igusa Towers over Hilbert Modular Surfaces 1990 Zachary Robinson On Some Conditions of Regularity for Subanalytic Sets 1990 Steven Lu On Meromorthic Maps between Algebraic Varieties with Log-General Targets 1990 Jun Li Construction of Stable Vector Bundle on Surface of Low 2nd Chern Classification.