Earthquake in india essay

earthquake in india essay

also felt in Uzbekistan and Tajikastan.30.m. It is dangerous to construct huge reservoirs in seismically active zones like the Himalayas (vi/., Tehri and other dams). Sedimentary rock layers may be folded by the pressure exerted by the earthquakes.

earthquake in india essay

India spent the night outside Friday, too fearful to go back into their damaged homes after.
India s most powerful earthquake in half a century.
Advertisements: India falls quite prominently on the global seismic belt which runs in an east-west direction and is called the Alpine- Himalayan belt.
Based on seismic data and different geological and geophysical parameters, the country is divided into five seismic zones.
Earthquakes in, india are :.

Despite claims of success in predicting earthquakes, precise prediction of the time and area of an earthquake, enabling people to take precautions, remains a distant proposition. The economy dropped completely because the agriculture businesses, which are the main source of income. Himalayas could be overdue for a great earthquake, though no one knows when and where these will occur. The earthquake was triggered by the collision of the Indian plate with Burmese plate. Roads are fissured, railway lines are twisted, dams and bridges are destroyed, electrical transmission is snapped causing short circuit of electricity and out-break of fire hazards. Essay on the Earthquakes Resisting Structures.

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