Describe a journey that you particularly enjoyed essay

describe a journey that you particularly enjoyed essay

my expectations. Susan from Arizona Egypt was magical, and it was the smoothest, best run tour I have ever taken. . The extra experiences Sights and Soul offered a vineyard picnic, cooking with the chef, were over the top. . I hope to see some of you on future Sights and Souls adventures. . Karen from British Columbia Thank you for the most wonderful vacation of my life! Loved the day trips and exposure to new parts of the Spanish culture.

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I especially liked being met at the airport and being taken to the hotel. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Sights and Soul. The tour hit the best of Austria with the mountains, lakes, Salzburg and Vienna, delicious food and quaint towns. I enjoyed eating gelato daily. Ive made a bunch of new friends with whom I look forward to traveling. . I was hesitant and not quite sure what to expect but loved every part of it the other women travelers, our Tour Guide, accommodations I will be on another trip soon! .

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