Dissertation software architecture

dissertation software architecture

system construct. This usage differs substantially from the etymology of style, which would emphasize personalization of the design process. An architectural style, as a coordinated set of constraints, is applied to a design space in order to induce the architectural properties that are desired of the system. Choosing the right architectural style for a network-based application requires an understanding of the problem domain 67 and thereby the communication needs of the application, an awareness of the variety of architectural styles and the particular concerns they address, and the ability to anticipate the. ReificationRelated WorkObjectives Reify returns a data structure with the reification of the type and a set of evolution services to change ntextprisma adlcase Studydynamic Type ImageProcSoftwaremetaevolution update(.) reify(out SimpleSpec)Evolution reflect(in SimpleSpec) Image Type R ify R TypeSemantics Proc new Spec Level Softwareconclusions destroy further work. Examples include both the functional properties achieved by the system and non-functional properties, such as relative ease of evolution, reusability of components, efficiency, and dynamic extensibility, often referred to as quality attributes. 5, issue 4,. Reconfiguration Coordination Aspectintroduction Coordinates the reconfiguration processMotivation Execution inside a transactional contextRelated WorkObjectives All reconfiguration operations are successful or the entire process is rollbackedcontextprisma ADL Triggers the execution of low-level services fromCase Study Monitoring and Reconf.

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A Formal Approach to Software Architecture.
Thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, CMU Technical Report.
PhD Thesis presented in the Universidad Politcnica de Valencia (S pain) on 13th June 2011.

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A Formal Approach to Software Architecture

Inverardi and Wolf 65 use the Chemical Abstract Machine (cham) formalism to model software architecture elements as chemicals whose reactions are controlled by explicitly stated rules. 118 model is that, rather than defining the software's architecture as existing within the software, it is defining a description of the software's architecture as if that were the architecture. Reconfiguration Analysis Aspectintroduction Encapsulates the Reconfiguration Policies ofMotivation a composite componentRelated WorkObjectives Event-Condition-Action Policiescontext Defined at design time (programmed reconfiguration)prisma adlcase Study Described in terms of Domain-Specificdynamic prismadynamic reconfiguration servicesReconfiguration out ID)Dynamic Type videoCaptureID, out attID)Evolution Define the plasticity of the architectureconclusions further work Reconfigurations. Unfortunately, current representations of software architecture are informal and ad hoc. 118 : The architecture of a software system defines that system in terms of components and of interactions among those components.

Dissertation software architecture
dissertation software architecture