Cultural studies dissertation

cultural studies dissertation

Dissertation 60 Credits, the Dissertation is an extended piece of written work of 12,000 words, more or less 10, on a research elna baker essay topic of your choice (but subject to approval). It attends to how gender and sexuality are not stable identities or classifications but are instead processes involving relations with media and technologies, and with race, ethnicity, class and dis/ability. No technical knowledge about music is required for this module. It is undertaken during the Spring and Summer terms. You will gain a grounding not only in the politics of everyday life in China but also in Western theoretical engagements with the everyday. The unique intervention of the Race and the Cultural Industries module is in drawing attention to the context of production.

The Cultural Studies Reader: Simon During

cultural studies dissertation

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Anthropology Anthropological Perspectives on Tourism (15 credits) Critical Voices in Development (30 credits) Anthropology and Cultural Politics (30 credits) Anthropology of Art (30 credits) Social Anthropology of the Caribbean (30 credits) Sociology Cultural Policy and City Branding (30 credits) Urban Field Encounters (30 credits) Race. 30 credits Contemporary Issues in Cultural Policy 30 credits Contemporary Issues in Cultural Policy explores a range of trans-disciplinary topics that concern those researching and practicing in the areas of cultural policy. Find out more about the qualifications we accept from around the world. For more than two years, Conor has also worked as an on-call Spanish-English translator with the.S. 30 credits Race, Gender And Social Justice 30 credits This course aims to investigate discourses of equality and social justice in the context of the changing manifestations of race, religion, class, gender and sexuality in advanced capitalist and neoliberal times. The Entrepreneurial Modelling course I took as part of my degree helped me develop my business planning skills which I use daily when producing project business plans and fundraising strategies. We seek to problematize the very notion of post-coloniality, understood not as a temporal marker but more as a style of thoughtas a problem, a question and an option, an epistemic and political project. This examines discrepant and linear notions of time/interpretations of pastness, collective memory, and how pasts are inscribed within urban landscapes. Following graduation, Conor was named a Fulbright Scholar and moved to Bogot, Colombia, where he worked as a professor of English language and American history at Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca and volunteered part-time for Colombia Diversa, South Americas largest lgbtq political advocacy group.

Foreign aid, and has also had his translations used by members of the National Security Council, including former President Obama. Undermined by both the universalising and de-contextualising tendencies of that type of thinking that defined the first age, and the still latent problems of the implementation or internalisation (Nonaka, 1995) of the insights of that thinking that defined the second age, we are now. 30 credits Interpretation, Education and Communication in the Art Museum 30 credits It is not uncommon for the modern art museum to use words like interpretation, education and communication as a way of differentiating between the remit of individual departments and the type of responsibility.