Save forests essay

save forests essay

for industry. They deserve much greater practical attention than they are getting now. So you open up the fridge saw some chocolate bar, hesitate a while, grab a can of soft drink and went back to your room. This is the only planet which has life. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of fast growing eucalyptus trees have been planted along the roadside to attract rain. It is the major producer of oxygen and consumer of carbondioxide. Indias forests cover about 23 of total geographical area of the country. With a can of soft drinks, a bar of chocolate and most importantly is the cold enjoyable CFC releasing room. What would you do after using the tissue?

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Our environment is totally polluted,hence we are suffering from diseases, we are drinking polluted water.inhaling dusty air and so a result of all human activity there is ozone hole, sea is rising, ice caps on Antarctica are melting. Strong public opinion should be created against deforestation. While youre about to step into your room, you feel like having a bar of chocolate, so you go back to the fridge, get a bar of chocolate and went upstairs. So forests are of great value. The effects of global warming are so dangerous that this issue has to be addressed immediately and the risks have to be minimized, even if they cannot be avoided totally. This in turn is affecting the wildlife. The plants and mammals are like us-living things. Grazing causes another problem in large essay on how to prevent overpopulation parts of the country. Save Our Mother Earth Essay.Lets save our Mother Earth It is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity. These trees purifies the air and releases oxygen into the environment.