The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy essay

the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy essay

other words, the energy generated is cheap compared to the cost of fuel, but the recovery of its construction is much more expensive. The accident at the Fukushima 1 has similar reasons, but the main cause in its case was the strongest earthquake, which led to an emergency shutdown of security equipment. In addition pros of nuclear power are in the fact of no need to provide fuel storages and roads for the delivery of the original resource. Nuclear power disadvantages, an important role was also played by wrong policies of the Soviet government, which forced to carry out dangerous experiments at Chernobyl despite security threats, as well as keeping silence and subsequent concealment level of catastrophe. Information is reported per every trillion-kilowatt hour generated.

the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy essay

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But the chemical industry or metallurgy, not only need a lot of electricity, but also are too remote from ordinary sources of energy, such as hydroelectric power plants. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, there have been more than 100 serious incidents involving nuclear power as of 2014. Thyroid cancers can occur because of exposures to radioactive iodine. In the United States, nuclear energy is responsible for about 20 of the total electricity that is produced daily. Naturally, this is environmentally dangerous method, which is also short-lived because sooner or later place for the burial will end. And, unlike solar or wind, it can operate all day, every day, without the need for storage.

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