Essay decameron

essay decameron

Liberation and Power in Boccaccios The Decameron. By the first man Alatiel encounters her views on sex have changed. She said that heought to live there and that if he did, he would find that all his troubles were city troubles. Alatiel s values aren t so strong because Pericone gets her to sleep with him. Its full of lovers slaying lovers and a lot of dieing of the characters in the stories. She finds her lovers dead body through a dream she had.

Pericone falls in love with her and wants to sleep with her. The men call her a possession and treat her as merchandise. Alatiel is fickle because it did not take her long to get over one man and move on to the next. Boccaccios tales deal with themes such as adultery, love, premarital.

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It is clear that. She brings it on herself. The stories ranged from romance to farce, from comedy to tragedy. In the book ten young people escape from Florence into the countryside hoping to escape the back death. Most of the stories were based on tales popular throughout the middle ages. There were also 3 young men Panfilo, Filostrato, and Dioneo. Alatiel is a very fickle girl.

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