Essay on being prejudice

essay on being prejudice

children of other groups as different from them. Below you will find five outstanding thesis statements for. (2) Propaganda can be most successful in eliminating prejudice when attempts are made to enlighten the ignorant and provide emotional satisfaction simultaneously through facilitation and improvement in intergroup contact, understanding and harmony. Teachers can also play a positive role in this regard. Chatterjee (1972) found that male college students had more caste prejudices than female college students.

Essay topic pride and prejudice

essay on being prejudice

In India, children of various castes and socioeconomic groups are taught from childhood to maintain distance from children of other groups as decided by the society and social norms. Learn why teachers assign their students to write marriage essays on pride and prejudice. Persons with high level of prejudice belief and disbelief systems are rigidly organised whereas in other individuals the systems are relatively flexible. Further information on copyright and plagiarism. One of the last scenes. When certain minority or disadvantaged groups are provided with the advantage of reservation in admission to educational institution; in jobs and in various elections to political system, the unreserved category develop prejudice towards these groups. Because of the ambiguity of the subject or issue, people perceive them as they are asked to perceive. Sometimes politically dominant groups continue to dominate on other groups.