Huckleberry finn essay ban

huckleberry finn essay ban

racial sentiments of this time period simply because the language in Huck Finn may not be appropriate. Miss Watson tells Huck that if he doesnt change his ways then he wont go to heaven. Surprisingly enough to those who would ban it today, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was also originally banned because it showed too great of a friendship between a white boy and a slave. He is put down throughout the book by various characters, and Huck even feels guilty for helping Jim to his freedom. (Boorstin 1) Throughout the book Huckleberry participates in helping in conning people out of their money, lying to just about everybody he comes in contact with, and other activities which appear to be okay according to Twain. Students should be able to read this novel because it will help understand the main reason of the Civil War: slavery. History in which accurately illustrates lives of the white people and the African Americans.

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huckleberry finn essay ban

Another type of human behavior that the reader can recognize is the fraudulent and double-crossing people who prey on other gullible innocent people is presented as the King and the Duke. Instead of taking away a few of the chains, the people only agree to stop cussing at him since he did such a good job in helping. Allowing students to read the novel and distinguish these human behaviors will realize that things never change, such as how society interacts with one another. Thus in a world full of corrupting influences, banning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will only deprive students of an educational and thoughtful piece of literature. Jackson University Press of Mississippi, 1998. It was just the common way of referring to a slave. Clemens cannot think of something better to tell our pure-minded lads and lasses he had best stop writing for them." Examples of the seeming bad language" in the book included words such as sweat which detractors believed should have been replaced with the word perspiration.". Only years later did people begin to condemn the books as racist. Without money and without price they poured hearts' blood into the enriching and developing of this country. When they take him back to the farm where he escaped he is chained up and locked in a cell.

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