Essay on role of youth in social change

essay on role of youth in social change

themselves into someone. It through education that he understands the facts and figures and how things ought to be sorted and what is the current scenario and many other relevant important factors. If we do not mould our youth today, we may have to regret tomorrow as tomorrows nation is in the hands of our upcoming youth and they in turn would pass on what they have acquired in a better format to the forth coming generations. Youth also have to seek information from the middle aged and the senior citizen groups concerned with various disciplines to ensure that the youth achieve their role for the society in future. No more items to show! It is we who bring the good and bad out in our students. The youth have to teach both the teenagers and kids all aspects of general life, show them the way so that they grow up the right and the wrong. Secondly, the nation is a country considered as a group of people living in a certain territory under one Government. The nation is facing a lot of problems, and I believe that the youths are capable of solving them. Premium, done, add more details, sign in or sign up to post a comment.

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However we see that there is a lack of patriotism in the youth slowly coming up which destroys the harmony and peace of the nation. Thirdly, we also have to know Building appearance is not important essay here means not masonry constructed, instead the development of the nation, the future of our country. Youths are problem solvers. They have the power to transform the nation into a better place. When using these sites such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, there are both positive and negative effects on the youth. It is the age of discovery and dreams. The role of the youths towards the nation building. This makes the youth to be an important age group in both today's society and the future society than other age erefore, due to the high dependence on youth in the society, we the youth have a role to play because the future of our. Students act as bridges between two generations.