Honors thesis philosophy uf history

honors thesis philosophy uf history

are Philosophy majors; they must apply for it during the spring semester of their junior year. A second approach was to define causes in terms of a set of causally relevant conditions for the occurrence of the eventfor example, necessary and/or sufficient conditions, or a set of conditions that enhance or reduce the likelihood of the event. In a nutshell, Momigliano is looking at the several traditions of ancient history-writing as a set of normative practices that can be dissected and understood in their specificity and their cultural contexts. One important reason for thinking globally as an historian is the fact that the history disciplinesince the Greekshas tended to be Eurocentric in its choice of topics, framing assumptions, and methods. Is it possible for historical knowledge to objectively represent the past? If most (if not all) of medieval philosophers were priests and monks, early and late Renaissance philosophers were a more how to write a fitness program proposal heterogeneous population, including rhetors, magicians and astrologues, early empirical scientist, poets, philologists. 2.4 Hermeneutic approaches to history, another important strand of continental philosophy of history proposes to apply hermeneutics to problems of historical interpretation. William Skinner's analysis of the macro-regions of China (Skinner, 1977). In each of these cases, the historian has chosen a scale that encompasses virtually the whole of the globe, over millennia of time. Nasr, Seyyed Hossein ; Mehdi Aminrazavi (1996).

honors thesis philosophy uf history

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Scale is equally controversial. History is the process whereby the spirit discovers itself and its own concept (1857: 62). (4) Can we give an estimate of the overall confidence we can have about statements about the past, about the features of past institutions, structures, and actors, and about the explanatory relations among them? Their accounts need to be grounded on the evidence of the available historical record; and their explanations and interpretations require essay on bobby jones today that the historian arrive at hypotheses about social causes and cultural meanings. This description does not suggest that it is necessarily concerned with religious issues, nor even that it is exclusively produced by Muslims.