Best video essay channels

best video essay channels

directors have on filmmaking at large. Fox Dissection Scenes Not Talked About They're gonna casually discuss scenes from various movies of every genre that we feel don't frequently get analyzed heat (1995) - Direction and Obsession RightBrainRants I focus mostly on film, music, and video games though. THE shining - Spatial Awareness and Set Design The Discarded Image A video essay series that analyses and de-constructs well known pieces of cinema. No Small Parts, no Small Parts is a fan-made documentary series about character actors created by actor Brandon Hardesty. Thenedrwriter: easily the best video essay writer on by a wide margin. Channel Criswell, channel Criswell is dedicated to creating video essays that cover the art of cinema ranging from the use of cinematic tools in films to the themes of certain filmmakers.

Why CHclip Channels Are Failing In 2017 Video Essay A lot of CHcliprs have been making CHclip channels and they've been failing causing them.
A quick look into one of the best video essays.
Now You See It: One of the best video essay channels for film lovers.
This channel has videos on almost every aspect of film making and explains these ideas and concepts in a simple yet informing way.
Imo, you've missed out on an entire genre of efap-esk video essays which should alteast have a nod-too here: anime analysis videos / channels.

There Will Be Blood and Symmetry David Bordwell The vimeo channel of David Bordwell a lecturer at the University of Wisonsin. Create Post Cookies help us deliver our Services. These videos are great because they cover topics that you dont normally think. Fandor Keyframe A channel devoted to helping fellow film enthusiasts discover amazing, hard-to-find films from all over the world. Who Deserves the 2015 Oscar for Best Director? Why Framing Matters in Film The Seventh Art The Seventh Art is a video magazine about cinema featuring in-depth interviews, video essays, and profiles on interesting aspects of the industry. The Long Take and Terror in Children of Men Press Play Video Blog The Vimeo Channel for indiewires Pree Play blog (a blog devoted to original video essays). Press J to jump to the feed. Not Directed by Terrence Malick Between Frames Similar to Jacob.

Your Movie Sucks, yMS has some entertaining videos on why certain movies suck (as you can guess from the channel's title but he also has some great analysis/breakdown videos like his on going 'The Genius of Synecdoche New York' series. How Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey - Part 1: The Dawn of Man. Spielberg's techniques and themes Fandor This channel hosts a large amount of video essayists, all with various different styles and choice of subject matter. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Kaptainkristian - Makes video essays exploring pop culture figures in the field of animation and/or comics.

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