Walk in moonlight essay

walk in moonlight essay

immortal Now the poet #iews nature/the win( the night( the stars( the moon not as inanimate but ull o li e He reali! Es the #oices that this night win sings(the rustling o lea#es( wins passing through the trees an we apprehen that the nature carries a message 'he inner eye opens up an we can see real possibilities that are within us 'hese enron scandal essay conclusion glorious things may appear. Es that his heart an nature are).

During such a night my friend and I used to walk from one end of our village to the other end. Other animals also enjoy the scene. Derozios A Walk by Moonlight is essentially a romantic poem that sings in praise of an evening and thereby brings out the ethereal qualities of the evening. Even the wind was singing in praise of the beautiful moon.

In such a mood our earthliness goes by and we begin to realize the spiritual quality of everything on earth that is immortal. Io isco#ers immense oy as his senses are awakene an he establishes a oneness an interconnecteness with nature Now enlightene( the sel reali! Moonlight exercises a special charm in a railway journey as trees flit by like sentries on duty. Only the owls and the bats are a bit sullen. The peacocks whistle wonderfully. We started at sunset and walked off to a place some six or seven miles away.

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