Photo essay philippines

photo essay philippines

blankets and products made from the abel cloth, a strong, durable material. It has been restored to show the splendor and comfortable lifestyle the president and his wife enjoyed. This structure, the 150-foot-tall Sinking Belltower, has been slowly sinking into the sandy soil since it was built in 1612: The tower is more than 275 feet from its church,. Then, there are Carenderia everywhere, where one could eat really good food for local price. Moving south to Paoay, the, malacaang of the North is the former vacation home of late President Ferdinand Marcos. They call it Balut. With the population of almost 12 million ihabitants, its battling neck to neck with Jakarta.

While the city itself might be too similar to Manila, the island offers some great beaches. Im happy though, because it seemed that I discovered an endangered species in Manila Airport: sitting bench! I was able to share a ride with Micaela. Its a small town, with 125,000 of inhabitants. Not without reason, really! The Batad rice terraces were both. Thins way to Batad rice terraces. Sifting rice at Batad.

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