Essay number the stars

essay number the stars

German soldier knocks and demands to know why so many people have gathered at the house. He brings two field hands with him so they can see what happens and retell the story back at the quarters. The German soldiers occupied Denmark for five years. Nightjohn taught Sarny the alphabet a numbers, which was rigorously forbidden. Blond Black Brown Red 15 What did Mama sew for Lise right before she died? Number the Stars was about a family who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark take in a Jewish girl to protect her from the Nazis that are taking over Denmark. I could not believe someone would chain a person up and whip their backs until their skin peeled.

That literally made me ill. Mama packed in a nice basket some cheese, bread, an apple, and a napkin. Towels Napkins A quilt Pillowcases 16 Why is Annemarie's apartment cold at night? The owner of the plantation whipped his slaves for moving too slow and did go out with dogs and two field hands after any of the slaves if they decide to run.

She found out Mama might have broken her leg or ankle. Annemarie knew all of her family from stories and pictures and knew that her own family was lying to her. He lived by the sea and was a fisherman. IT WAS THE nazis! They are very poor, kirsti ate it all, they gave it to the Rosens 9 How does King Christian travel through Copenhagen? Norway France Sweden Denmark 13 How old was Lise when she died? She died a couple years back in a car accident. She told her to take off the Star of David that way the Nazis didnt know that she was Jewish. Of their deceased daughter, Lise. The war has caused fuel shortages The furnace is broken The Johansens cannot afford heat The house is too large to keep heated 17 Where did Kirsti like to sleep when she was younger? Mama and Papa's bed The floor Annemarie's bed Her crib 18 What are Annemarie and Kirsti supposed to buy from Mrs.

Number, the, stars, essay, Research Paper. Number the, stars was about a family who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. The book ended off with the reuniting of friends and family when the war ends.