The gift of the magi analysis essays

the gift of the magi analysis essays

story goes plainly with describing the actions of one character of the story. This characteristic of narrator has served in creating independent role of narrator. Thus, this element of the story serves in creating better understanding of the narrator point of view. Considering the significance of literary elements for the narrative theme, this paper analyzes the storyThe Gift of the Magi.

Since narrative theme is composed of descriptive details of characters and situation, while highlighting the significance of situations and events, therefore, literary elements are related in terms of creating effective narrative theme (Zile, 2001). Hire best essay writing service. Plot outlines the presence of the characters living in lower class American society, where they have not enough money to purchase Christmas gifts for each other. 3 1 ; ;?' ' 0 6, ; ; 1 ;.' 3 1, ; ; ; ;, ;. ; ; ; ; ; ;. The elements of surprises and tricks endings hold the interest of readers until the end of the story when it was revealed that Della bought a chain for treasured watch for Jim by selling her hair, while Jim sells his watch to buy her. The imagery outline of the surroundings and the couple's clothing also highlight the poverty of the characters in the story and further outlines the lives of lower class Americans. The close analysis of these literary elements indicates that the plot outlining was used to serve the narrative theme of the story.

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