Nurture tourism for a better world essay

nurture tourism for a better world essay

selection of economic benefits including employment opportunities, small business development, and increased in payments of foreign exchange. A key question to answer is how the worldwide tourism industry could be redesigned to help sustain positive peace on all parts of the globe. The community should maintain control over tourism development. Integrating environmental and social concerns over tourism development. It is an approach that aims to promote economic growth and development in a destination, and take into account all the use of marketing and promotion efforts to attract as many visitors to visit the destination. Besides, it is also important to use the 5 different approaches in the tourism planning of the Island to help the government to focus and balance out between the economic, social, and environmental aspect of tourism as well as to emphasize and maintained the sustainability. Boosterism approach however, doesn't take into account or involves their host community in the decision making process, planning and policy process surrounding the tourism developments (Hall and Cooper, 2008). Overall, the essence of this relatively new form of tourism is to build healthy relationships between people of different cultures and between people and the environment. Reference Copied to Clipboard. Additionally, improving and promoting cultural tourism in places where all communities can gather for religious and cultural events could help people in divided societies to meet each other and share their cultures. That sum exceeded expectations, based on the number of global problems that took place in 2009.

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Step 5: Consultations Consultations with key organizations (tourism industry and how to write professional resume government tourism bodies) and the local community through interviews and workshops. Therefore, comprehensive planning should be applied by involving series of steps to achieve specific objectives of tourism development and highly coordinated with the local community and regional planning efforts. Tourism has become very significant to countries all over the world as for decades the industry has been a major contributor to a country's economic growth and development, it generates significant revenues, creates millions of job opportunities in small or large communities, support communities and. The guiding principles emphasizes on four broad concept of economic, cultural, ecological, and local sustainability. If Sri Lanka wants to redevelop its tourist industry, however, there clearly is a high potential for a mutually beneficial endeavor. The major difference between the two is that, in responsible tourism, individuals, organizations and businesses are asked to take responsibility for their actions and the impacts of their actions. High employment rate and poverty. Low levels of literacy and limited educational background. Therefore, this paper will be mainly discussing about the five different approaches to tourism planning in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Conserve the cultural diversity. Due to this approach does not involved residents of the tourist destinations in the decision making and planning processes surrounding tourism development could be regarded as unpatriotic and excessively negative in which it result in the lacking of public or community participation in the local. Step 8: Implementation strategy Specification of implementation mechanisms: Programme of work: Conduct a detailed research about the type of potential foreign investors who are willing to develop their business in the Island.

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nurture tourism for a better world essay