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image of sat essay arent showing up

she needs someone to help her through them. A true friend isn't afraid to call you out on your shit and Sindy really needs someone who she doesn't view as a friend to call her on the stuff she says and does. Or that she frequently bodyshames and slutshames people for their appearance whilst preaching that noone is allowed to judge her for wearing a skimpy cosplay? That she says so much downright offensive things regarding trans/non-binary people including that they're faking attacks and in collaboration with the media in the US? But Sindys words and actions are also uncalled for and she's headed for some serious trouble soon if a few people proceed with their civil cases against her.

I gotta say, I hope it's just random passers by attacking Caitlin for her appearance and not people who legit have issues with Sindy as it's uncalled for and is honestly making you look worse than her at this point. What she says about different series goes way beyond simple dislike and difference of opinion: she projects and attacks the fans on such a horrid and insulting level. It's not worth. We are not all one or 5 anons with a vendetta. We are not a hive mind. She has plenty of flaws, plenty of things to attack her for and Caitlin herself has said a lot of shit but call her out on that, weight is a low blow especially aiming it at a minor. Any idiot can look at the previous thread and even without Kays document, figure she probably was involved in the making of it due to the grammatical and spelling errors alone (seams vs seems being the most obvious). Attack Sindy for what she is: a bullying, thieving, bigoted woman who attacks people and plays the victim apa research paper on dr oz when it suits her.

image of sat essay arent showing up

If you ever worked in retail, youd know gamers may get worked up over small things, but the walk-in public is full of angry lunatics.
No, we dont carry that.
Continuing from /snow/181797 About Sindy: cringy as fuck complains when you bring up old drama about her, but will bring up old drama about other people banned from selling at some conventions for traced work has accused people of sexual assault in attempts to slander.

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