The essay of menstrual cycle

the essay of menstrual cycle

Period Protection - First-Time Cup Users - Free Cotton Bags - Feminine Hygiene Protection - Small Large - Pink and Turquoise. You always have the choice to experience our sites without personalized advertising based on your web browsing activity by visiting the. The functional (or dysfunctional) uterine bleedings have their main cause in hormonal or congestive disorders, while the organic ones are mostly caused by fibroid tumors (uterine leiomyomata polyps and cancer. This means that, sometimes, cases of excessive menstrual bleeding whose main cause is attributed to existing fibroids actually may have their main origin in hormonal disorders and resulting simple endometrial hyperplasias, which can be treated with progestins. As to the organic causes for prolonged and/or excessive menstrual bleedings, the most frequent ones are the widely known uterine leiomyomatas or fibroids. Their possibility of malignant transformation is extremely low and, for that reason, usually is not considered in clinical practice.

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the essay of menstrual cycle

Basically, there are three kinds of fibroids, according to their position in the uterus: the submucous, intramural and subserous ones. Ginger poweder is available to purchase online. Basically, for a didactic and practical purpose, endometrial hyperplasia can be typical or atypical. Cup Wash - Liquid Foaming Dispenser - All Organic and Natural Ingredients - Healthiest and Safest Way to Clean Your Period Cup (200ml). In another study, Chinese herbal medicines were found to help reduce menstrual cramps, but the authors called for more research.

Thus, this article is inevitably too, too far from being complete, and I think (and hope) that this is quite obvious to the readers. In order to cause hypermenorrhea and/or menorrhagia, fibroids must grow towards the uterine cavity, protruding inside it, distorting its shape and/or increasing its size. A deficient corpus luteum, though producing low progesterone levels, may last the usual 12 to 14 days or less (7 to 10 days). Hormone-like substances called prostaglandins trigger this process. The association between some excessive and/or prolonged uterine bleedings with some pre-carcinogenic lesions and cancer obliges us to pay attention to all cases of hypermenorrhea and menorrhagia though fortunately most of them are due to entirely benign causes. On the other hand, the atypical - or adenomatous - endometrial hyperplasias do have an important relationship with the genesis of endometrial cancer. As a result, the proliferative estrogenic endometrium is turned into the secretory progesteronic endometrium. (As to hysteroscopy, it is also an excellent way of establishing the exact cause of abnormal uterine bleedings, since it allows the observation of the entire uterine cavity at high magnification and, if necessary, to perform a biopsy with precision. There are several kinds of hyperplasias of the endometrium, as well as several classifications for them.

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